About Us

Who is Sally?

Sally’s Place is an Eldercare Respite Activity Center and Vintage retail store recently opened. You can find it at the former Swanzey Diner, at 515 Monadnock Hwy (Route 12) in Swanzey. The owner, Kristen Trombly, opened the center in honor of her mother, Sally. For several years she cared for her mother as Sally experienced the challenges and changes associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. Sally benefited from a variety of activities, designed to provide purpose and stimulation to her days, all of which helped to keep her brain active and physical coordination in practice.

A Need Fulfilled

Providing care and finding appropriate activities to do together was very rewarding and it was during this time Kristen realized that there was a need for support for the caregiver for short periods, especially on weekends and on short notice. She decided to open a supervised activity center Friday through Monday to offer crafts, music, reading, movement and other activities to clients while their caregivers run errands or just take a break.

How is Sally’s Unique?

  • Clients can come for as short as one hour.
  • Caregivers are welcome to stay and participate in the activities if they would like to.
  • Reservations are accepted but not required. Please call ahead however to ensure space is available.
  • Sally’s is the only elder care center in the area that is open on weekends.


Day Care/Activity Center
Friday thru Monday
9 am to 4 pm

Vintage Store
Thursday thru Monday
9 am to 4 pm

Our Retail Store

Sally’s Place also has a retail store, which sells vintage, used and upcycled home goods, furniture and gifts. Sales from the retail side support the activity center by helping to keep hourly rates low. Additionally, a portion of the profits from the retail store will be given as a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Winter hours for the activity center are Friday through Monday, 9-4. The retail store is also open on Thursday from 9-4 in addition to the activity center hours.

Hear about the Active Day Care experience!

"Sallys Place is great. Rick loved the one to one attention he received. Great for both of us."

Richard M.

"I send my dad there on Fridays, and he is so much happier and easier to deal with over the weekend."