3 Reasons Social Interaction Is Key in Dementia Care

Cognitive conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s create everyday challenges for both the patient and their caregivers. Cognitive decline affects emotional well-being and triggers a host of additional challenges, from mood disorders to physical ailments. Fortunately, elderly care plans that include socialization and regular interaction with others can help counteract some of these effects.

A Guide to Socialization & Elderly Care

1. It Slows Cognitive Decline

Research indicates that loneliness and social isolation can be a contributing factor in cognitive decline, causing a worsening of memory loss and other symptoms of dementia. In fact, researchers discovered that the larger a person’s social network and the more regularly they interact with others, the less risk they have of developing dementia.

For those who already have the condition, socialization can help delay further cognitive impairment. Scientists believe this is because the brain function necessary to converse and interact also stimulates brain cell and synapse development.

2. It Supports Mental Health

Social interaction as a part of elderly care helps people stay engaged and provides a pleasurable interaction that reduces feelings of sadness or isolation and the anger, aggression, and frustrating behaviors they can bring. Social engagement also helps support healthy sleep, which is closely linked to a reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression among Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

3. It Increases Independence

Dementia patients often require full-time care. Many people feel that their incapacitation makes them a burden on others, or are frustrated at their inability to care for themselves or contribute to household activities. Social interaction, such as talking with your loved one while you prepare a meal, can help them feel connected with others and more secure in their support system. Even just listening to them talk and providing reassurance when they are feeling down can help them feel more in control.

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