3 Refreshing Benefits of Adult Day Care

Some seniors need active and attentive care, and unfortunately, you can’t always be available to provide it. Luckily, adult day care services offer a safe, stimulating environment for your elderly loved ones whenever you’re away. The following guide explains the advantages of bringing your parents or spouse to an adult care facility.

How Elderly Parents or Spouses Benefit From Adult Day Care

1. Engaging Activities

Having activities your parents or spouse can engage in allows them to exercise their cognitive and physical abilities. Adult day care is geared toward not only strengthening the mind, but also providing entertainment. With fun activities like knitting, puzzles, storytelling, singing, movement, and reading, your parents or spouse will feel fulfilled and active during their stay. Centering discussions and activities around current events like holidays and birthdays can also help them keep track of days and the time of year.

2. Opportunities for Socializing

People need regular, diverse human interaction in their life, no matter what their age. Seniors can often feel lonely staying at home every day, even in the company of caregivers. Visiting an adult activity center gives them the chance to socialize, make friends their own age, and break out of their shells. These care facilities offer group events and activities while providing plenty of open space for seniors to meet and chat.

3. Flexible Senior Care

Caregivers are continually providing medical, social, and basic home needs to their parents or spouse, and they deserve a break, too. Whether you need an hour to run an errand or a weekend to relax, a good adult day care center will be open to keep your parents or spouse active and attended to. Take some time to recuperate. If you want to spend quality time with your loved one without worrying about care, you can even stay and participate in activities together. When you choose a facility with weekend hours and flexible hourly rates, you can trust them to give thoughtful caregiver support when you need it.

If you’re looking for reliable senior care for your elderly parents or spouse, bring them to Sally’s Place in Swanzey, NH. Opened with the needs of both seniors and caregivers in mind, this adult day care center stays open on weekends and offers affordable hourly rates. They host a variety of fun activities that engage the body and mind, from arts and crafts to movie screenings. Their highly trained team is committed to providing personalized care to every senior. To schedule a tour with a friendly staff member, call (603) 338-0073 or fill out a request form online.

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"Sallys Place is great. Rick loved the one to one attention he received. Great for both of us."

Richard M.

"I send my dad there on Fridays, and he is so much happier and easier to deal with over the weekend."