3 Tips for Taking Care of an Aging Parent

As your aging parent grows older, you may find yourself assuming a larger caregiving role. Providing senior care to your loved one at home is often a full-time job, one that includes many challenges and obstacles. Fortunately, you and your senior parent can capably overcome these challenges by taking the following steps.
How Can I Keep My Aging Parent Safe & Happy at Home?

1. Create a Checklist of Tasks

Think about the tasks involved in caring for your parent and write them down. Having them on paper gives you a better perspective on how much work is needed each day. Some seniors need help with things like meal prep and grooming. Others might need assistance taking medications or getting to and from doctor’s appointments. Others still might have advanced healthcare needs, which may require professional medical assistance.

2. Keep Your Loved One Mentally Stimulated

Along with ensuring all material and healthcare needs are met, you must also keep your loved one mentally stimulated throughout the day. This is especially important for people experiencing symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s, which can sometimes be slowed by certain mental exercises. Mental stimulation includes things like puzzles, card games, and even arts and crafts.

3. Give Yourself a Break When Necessary

Caring for your aging parent at home is rewarding, but it can also be an overwhelming experience. Caregiver burnout is a serious issue that can harm you as well as the person in your care. When you’re feeling pushed to the limit, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Enlist friends and family or look for professional assistance so you can take care of your mental health needs.

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