3 Ways Arts & Crafts Benefit Seniors With Dementia

Art has long been used for therapy. Research has shown promising evidence of art helping seniors with dementia, a series of conditions marked by memory loss and brain impairment. If you’re looking for an adult activity center for a senior loved one with dementia, consider how arts and crafts may benefit them.

How Art Can Help Dementia Patients
1. Increase Happiness & Self-Value

Depression is an unfortunate side effect of dementia. Many seniors forget cherished memories or can no longer take care of themselves. They may become isolated or hold little self-esteem because of these roadblocks.

Research has shown that seniors living with dementia demonstrated prolonged happiness during regular art therapy. Similar studies reported they were less apathetic, laughed, smiled, and reported improved self-esteem.

2. Provide an Expressive Outlet

Many seniors with dementia have trouble expressing themselves. Cognitive impairments make it difficult to form sentences, and the effect can be frustrating. Seniors with dementia may not be able to talk about their feelings.

Art doesn’t require words. A senior may paint or sculpt an important memory, such as their family house or dog, while at an adult activity center. They can create a dark, moody picture when they’re upset or something vibrant and positive when they’re happy.

Creating art is a way for them to remember parts of their life and emotionally respond to the past and present. Simply getting these feelings off their chest can make it easier to relax.

3. Slow Disease Progression

Dementia has no cure, but it may be slowed. Studies on art therapy suggest that improving mood and cognitive functions may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Art can often evoke memories in dementia patients. A song or photograph may remind them of something from their childhood. Remembering makes them happy, and the general brain stimulation of art is thought to delay symptoms.

If you’re searching for an enriching environment for a senior loved one, contact Sally’s Place. This adult activity center offers exciting activities for seniors in a safe setting. They offer a variety of crafts, including coloring, knitting, and puzzles at their Swanzey, NH, location. Call (603) 338-0073 to discuss enrolling a loved one and visit their website to learn more about their senior services.

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