How to Talk About Adult Day Care With Your Parents

Every caregiver deserves rest and relaxation from time to time. That’s why many people who care for their elderly parents take advantage of adult day care. Some seniors are hesitant to attend, as they don’t understand exactly what the program entails. Follow these tips to ease your parents’ concerns and emphasize the benefits of adult day care.

3 Tips for Discussing Adult Day Care With Your Parents

1. Take It Slow

Let your parents know they’ll have a say in how often they’ll attend. Keep the first visit short so they don’t feel overwhelmed. If they have a good time, gradually increase the duration as well as the frequency of visits.

Check-in with your parents regularly to ensure they’re satisfied with the amount of time they spend at the center. This strategy will help them maintain a sense of autonomy.

2. Focus on the Fun Activities

Most adult day care centers help seniors enjoy engaging activities like putting together puzzles, crafting, knitting, listening to music, and watching movies. Tell your parents about all of the activities the center offers.

If they have a particular fondness for one of the activities, make sure it will be offered during their first visit. This will help your parent develop a positive association with the facility.

3. Get Help From a Professional

If your parent isn’t convinced, ask a professional to talk to them. A doctor, social worker, or consultant from the day care can give your parent more insight into the program’s benefits. In most cases, seniors feel more comfortable attending when multiple people explain how beneficial it will be.

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